Why You Should Appoint Experts Having Lead Paint Certification for Home Renovation

It is now an established fact that lead paint materials could leave harmful effects on physical health of human beings. After taking the reality into consideration, the federal government has made it mandatory for the professionals working in the lead painting industry to undergo extensive training and obtain lead paint certifications.

The certificates are awarded to those who have successfully completed eight-hour training programs on lead-safe work practices. The course curriculum includes both theory and practical training. Such training sessions are meant to introduce the participants to the harmful effects of lead paint and how to minimize excessive emission of lead dust.

Why to test your home for lead?

As lead causes a severe health disorder, it is important for the home owners to test their homes for lead. Many homeowners are not aware of adverse impacts of lead and so often raise questions over why they will spend on such an inspection. According to the researchers on harmful chemicals, lead is very detrimental to health of both children and adults.

Excessive exposure to the substance could see you suffering from several complications. Lead, in form of dust and paint, is harmful to all, especially under-6 children. Even soil containing lead could be very dangerous to our health. This substance can get into the children’s bodies if they put their fingers on paint, soil or toys containing lead. It is very dangerous for expecting mothers.

If your house was built before 1978, you should hire an expert for lead inspection. Only the certified professionals are capable of such inspection. Remember that the experts need to renew their certificate every five years. The Lead paint refresher program is mandatory for those who want to continue in the same industry.

What qualified lead paint professionals look for during house inspection?

If your house has chipping/peeling paint
If you have any plan to renovate, remodel or repaint your home
If soil in your yard contains lead and if yes, what the percentage is
If you have a child in house, they suggest that you should take him/her for a blood test that will show lead exposure

If your home was built before 1950, it is certain that there is some lead-based paint.

Is it possible for homeowners to determine if lead is present in paint?

Certified renovators are allowed to use an EPA-recognized kit to test lead paint. These inspectors are also known as risk assessors. They use x-ray Fluorescence tools. There are also paint chip sampling tools to test your home for lead.


If you are serious about health of your family members, you need to make sure if your house painting has any lead in it. If lead is detected in test result, you should go for renovation work as early as possible. You should get the work done by only the certified renovators. Before hiring a contractor, ask the person to show his lead paint certification. Next ask him what plans he has to minimize lead emissions during renovation work.

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